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Ylang Ylang, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils not only offer a delightful scent, but were selected for all of their skin benefiting properties, The addition of chamomile extract aids in soothing and healing dry, cracked feet.

For PAWS: Apply a thin layer before heading outdoors in winter to protect paws from snow, salt and the frosty ground. upon retuning indoors product softens and moisturizes the paw pad. Use in warmer months to moisturize and condition paws and protect from hot pavement.

For HOOVES: Apply a thin layer to the coronet band. In cold, wet conditions the product acts as a protector from wet conditions and a soft hoof. In dry hot temperatures the product in a hoof moisturizer and conditioner.

For HEELS: Apply a thin layer to bottom of feet to treat dry, cracked and tired feet. For best results apply before bed and wear socks for extra moisturizing.

Due to the nature of this product, paws and feet can become slippery on certain flooring, apply only a thin coat and wearing socks or slippers after application is recommended.

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