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Oour Ingredients

Aloe Vera Extract

A succulent powder that holds water in its leaves, this nourishing ingredient helps support the moisture balance of the skin and has soothing properties. Not only is it excellent for hydration, its known to have healing properties for sun-burned skin.

Arnica Oil

Arnica promotes your body’s healing process by regulating circulation in the connective tissue, dispersing trapped fluids. Arnica temporarily relieves pain and swelling associated with bumps, bruises, sprains and general muscular discomfort. In skin care, it reduces puffiness inflammation and redness.

Cocoa Butter

An effective skin softener and protectant that helps with consistency and texture of a product, it also provides superior moisturizing qualities while diminishing the signs of aging as well as stretch marks.

Coconut Oil

Rich in emollient fat and, when pressed, yields a white, sweetly-scented, super moisturizing oil which is solid at room temperature but easily melts on the skin, helping to bind and emulsify natural formulations. It protects skin from the elements by forming a thin film, which is not absorbed. Coconut oil is useful as an after sun skin oil, and is also revitalizing to dry, damaged hair. Saponified Coconut Oil has good cleansing properties and is known for its mildness.

Essential Oils

These volatile, rapidly evaporating oils are obtained from the leaves, stem, flower, seed or root of a plant, and usually carry the odor characteristic of the plant. Essential Oils are used in cosmetics, aromatherapy, medicine, perfumery and flavouring. They add fragrance to natural skinc are products, as well as contribute their healthful and beautifying quallities through their various abilities to tone, balance, relax, cleanse and invigorate. Although all esential oils are ‘fragrant’, not all ‘fragrances’ are essential oils. True essential oils are plant-derived.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is similar to the oils that we produce naturally in our bodies and is therefore easily absorbed and moisturizing. It can aid in soothing problematic skin as its non-greasy, naturally antiseptic and anti-bacterial. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce swelling and redness that accompanies skin abrasions and irritations.

Shea Butter

An excellent emollient and emulsifier, Shea Butter protects against skin dryness and accelerates healing of superficial wounds and irritations. It has a slight photo-protective action and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E, it is naturally a very stable substance.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil contains naturally occurring squalene, a component of the hydrolipid mantle. It has anti-microbial, anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory properties and provides a creaminess to the lather of our soap base.

Vegetable Glycerin

A byproduct of soap making, Glycerin is an emollient (skin softener) and humectant. It is soothing and can be used on even the most sensitive skin.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

Natural Vitamin E, derived from a variety of plant oils, has anti-oxidizing effects and helps support the stability of other ingredients in a product. We use Vitamin E as a natural preservative system.