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S.U.D.S. Story

The S.U.D.S story…First off let’s explain that S.U.D.S. is Springfield’s Ultimate Derma Soaps. It is a product that I am extremely proud of. It combines my two passions… Horses and Soap. I have been involved in the equestrian industry for over 35 years, to say I have a passion for horses is an understatement. I have owned and operated Springfield Stables Riding Academy since 1998. We are a full service lesson and camp horse facility. We currently own 20+ horses and I love life on my horse farm.

Since becoming a mother of 4 I have become increasingly aware of the effects of all the unnatural, chemical products that we use in our homes and in our personal hygiene routine on a daily basis. Years ago I started making my own and my children's skin care products and household cleaning products including laundry detergent, floor cleaner and granite cleaner to name a few. About one year ago my passion for making soap started and there has been no turning back.

The end result is S.U.D.S. A shampoo bar made with natural, vegan and environmentally responsible, palm free products. Although I designed these bars with our four-legged equine partners in mind they are also suitable for dogs and for us. My family and I have been using my homemade shampoo bars since I started making soap and the results have been miraculous.

It is my hope that everyone can enjoy the benefits of using these natural shampoo bars.